Double Diapered Enema!

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Its time to clean my dirty, stinky butthole! I fill my ass up with a huge bag of warm, clean water! The water pours into my ass so quickly! I can feel my belly expanding and start to cramp! I know I want the water out but first I have to put a diaper on! I run into the living room where Ive laid out my baby blanket. I quickly diaper myself with my asshole tightly clenched! Once I am securely diapered I push out my asshole and let all that warm dirty water burst out of my hole! I can feel the stinky water flooding my diaper! My asshole is farting out the water! The sounds are awful! My asshole is being so loud! Every time a bust of water come out my asshole makes the grossest farting noise! But it feels so good to get all that water out! I take my diaper off to see whats inside. I am sadly disappointed. The diaper is mostly clean. There are a few flecks of poop but for the most part the water came out of my ass clean. I guess I will have to do another enema! I run off to the bathroom and fill my ass up with another huge bag of water. This time I put on a giant plastic diaper! This thing is huge! I wonder if I can fill the whole thing up with dirty brown water! I run back to the living room to empty my ass for you. The water just explodes from my ass and into the plastic diaper! You can see the water hitting the plastic. Soon there is a huge pile of stinky brown water floating around in my plastic diaper! I am so happy! It feels so good to clean my ass out! And its so hot that I am wearing all of that water in my diaper! Enjoy!

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