Diaper doo-doo I shit myself

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Wanna play with me today? Ive been a good girl I promise hehehe. I love blowing bubbles, theyre so much fun! Im gonna sit in my diapers and blow bubbles and play until you join in ok? As I start blowing bubbles I feel the sensation coming onyou know that tingling sensation.the urge to push! OMG I gotta go pee-pee. Wow what a nice warm feeling against my bum but Im not done yet! I gotta go number two! Yup I feel a big shit wanting to come out and dirty my diapers. I cant hold it in, I gotta go. I push and push feeling another warm sensation and a massive release. It felt soooo good to dirty my diapers like a good girl. I think you better check my diapers and see what kind of mess I made and I need a clean up too! Time to wipe my messy asshole clean and put some powder on there to cover up the smell. Ahhhhh Im starting to feel better!--------CUSTOM VIDEOS MISSMADISONSTONE@HOTMAIL.COM

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