Desperate Gym Shit

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OMFG I almost shit my jeans! I as on my way to the gym, packing my bag and planned to take my camera with as I was going to hold my morning shit and video tape it for you but I couldnt hold it! I had my winter boots on, my hot pink super tight jeans on and my winter bomber jacket...all set to go and then the sensation came on. I tried my hardest to hold, squeezing tightly but it as about to come. As I was taking off my jean I already was shitting myself a little, my massive shit wasnt gonna wait for me. So I quickly take off my boots, pull down my jeans and explode everywhere, my shit spattered on the back of the toilet seat. And the smell as horrible, must have been from all the protein Ive been eating. Ive been doing the paleo diet so my shit is huge, dark and smelly. I tried to wipe myself but I made such a mess that I had to use some wet wipe and clean myself up better as I dont wear underwear to the gym. I had to flush twice but sometimes that happens when the stink is so bad. Just to get me in the mood for the gym I flex my biceps for you....I know you love strong dominant women like ME!

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