Daddy Diaper Me!

Girls pooping and farting and girls poop games

Daddy! I have a secret to tell you! I have to go poo poos! Are you going to put a diaper on me so I can fill it with my stinky poop!? I love going potty in my diaper! I feel the mess all over my bum and I can smell the stink! Yum, Daddy! I love it! Its time for you to diaper me! Are you going to put tons and tons of baby oil on me and rub it in really good!? I like it when you put baby oil on my princess parts. It makes them so slippery and soft! I know youll put it on my little bum hole too! Rub my slippery princess parts, Daddy! You make me tingle and moan! Im all diapered now! Just in time too! I need to start pushing now! I show off my butt and tell you how it is full of my stinky poo poos! I grunt and moan and push those dirty babies out into my diaper! Oh yuck! I can smell it! Dont tell anyone but I kinda like it! I show off my stinky poo filled diaper. It feels so good to sit in a diaper filled with my poop! Daddy, spank my poopy butt! I grab a pillow and start to rub my dirty, diaper covered pussy on it. I love the way my pussy feels all covered in a diaper and especially a diaper filled with my poo! I am going to wear this diaper forever and never take it off! Thank you Daddy for diapering me! Enjoy!

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